Actions for Development and Empowerment Launches Second Phase of COVID-19 Accountability Program

Actions for Development and Empowerment Launches Second Phase of COVID-19 Accountability Program


Actions for Development and Empowerment ADE, a young prominent civic-tech association spearheading the advocacy for openness, transparency and accountability in governance, has launched the second phase of the COVID-19 Transparency and Accountability Project. The launching took place on the 23rd of March 2022 at the Muna Foundation in Yaoundé.


While Opening the season, the founder and executive director at ADE Nancy Saiboh said the CTAP is an initiative that seeks to promote accountability and transparency through the tracking of COVID-19 intervention funds in Cameroon.


For the first phase of the project, ADE leveraged on Follow The Money (FTM) Cameroon platforms to address the deeply rooted systemic profiteering culture associated with COVID-19 interventions and ineffective feedback mechanisms for tracking COVID-19 fund disbursements and management. The first phase also strengthened civic engagement on COVID-19 response related matters to ensure that targeted governments use COVID-19 funds effectively.


Building on these successes, the second phase of the project will advocate for improved health care funding and address the issues related to vaccine deployment and equitable distribution across Cameroon. ADE will start the CTAP II, by conducting research on the post COVID environment, the distribution of health sector resources, the government’s commitment to health care funding, vaccine procurement plans and the issues affecting the equitable distribution in Cameroon, with a special focus on vulnerable groups in terms of commercial activity and socio-economic status.

This research will set a pathway for identifying the peculiar issues with procurement plans and vaccine distribution, after which they group said it can build partnerships with relevant stakeholders and sectoral leaders to co-create inclusive frameworks and solutions for long-term health sector accountability. ADE will not only collaborate with governments to institute proper and sustainable accountability systems, it will also enhance the COVID-19 Accountability Platform ( with a digital dashboard that tracks health sector resourcing and accountability approaches.


Beyond collaborations with the government and sectoral leaders, the advocacy group says it will also strengthen citizens’ engagement and equip civil society organizations in Cameroon on how to prioritize vulnerable communities in their advocacy for improved health care investment. It will mobilize at least 1.7million Cameroonians digitally and offline to monitor emergency funds and demand health sector accountability, while also facilitating dialogue sessions between 30 CSOs and the government to create opportunities for engagement between both parties on improved funding and health sector accountability.

The COVID-19 transparency and accountability project has been instrumental in strengthening COVID-19 fund accountability frameworks and devising strategies that enhance citizen-led advocacy for reforms. ADE believes that this second phase will leverage existing partnerships with relevant stakeholders, the OGP and Global Health Organizations working on fiscal issues related to COVID-19 fund management and health sector accountability. This project is led by ADE in collaboration with CODE, BudgIT,Global Integrity and primarily funded by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and Skoll Foundation.

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