Help us Raise 2,000 Pads to Support underprivileged school girls.

BENEFICIARIES: Underprivileged school girls (Far North, North and South West Regions of Cameroon)


It is time to prioritize women’s health. Let us rise and create awareness by talking, educating, campaigning, donating and ensuring proper menstrual hygiene management to keep our girls in school, improve our business and economy sectors as well.

In 2012, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that ‘’the greatest return comes from investing in girls and women. When they are educated, they drive development in their families, communities and nations.’’



Sanitary products: Sanitary Pads, Sanitary towels, menstrual cups, tampons and other ways to secure healthy menstrual hygiene management.

Why are we promoting this event?

The main objective of this event is to raise awareness on the issue of menstrual hygiene management as a taboo topic and a barrier to girl’s education in Cameroon. The specific objectives include;

1. To create a platform where girls can share their experiences, challenges and perspectives on the challenges of menstrual hygiene management in rural communities

2. To provide information through presentations from WASH and SRH experts in Cameroon on related topics such as menstrual health, importance of girls education, teenage pregnancy etc.

3. To stop period poverty

4. To provide 2000 packets of sanitary towels to underprivileged school girls in communities

We are seeking for partners, donors, companies and individuals for this exciting new endeavor to make a difference and the world a safer place for all…because every action is a small step towards a bigger change!
Thank you!