Follow The Money

Follow The Money

Follow The Money’ (FTM) is an action advocacy-based initiative that tracks and advocates for proper utilization of funds in government and international interventions in grassroots communities.

Follow The Money is a network of like-minded individuals from all lines of work, ranging from activists, social workers and lawyers, to development consultants, researchers and data analysts, that utilize  our social mobility platform ( and media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, mainstream media to amplify the voices of marginalised communities.

We use information technologies to provide citizens with evidence-based information about capital funds by government and international aid especially in three thematic areas—health, education and Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), in an effort to accelerate social and economic progress.

The program’s core focus is to promote transparency and accountability in governance as well as mobilize citizens by building their capacities on how to track and monitor government projects in international interventions in their communities and ultimately, on how to hold their elected representatives accountable.

Consequently, essential public projects, previously abandoned or which otherwise would not have been implemented, are being restarted and completed, due to the tracking and monitoring of grassroots projects by these community volunteers. Thereby, facilitating social

Development in these communities, fighting inequality and poverty and advocating inclusive development.

We are building the largest social accountability movement, empowering marginalized communities in Africa.

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