After taking note of the irregularities during the phase I of CTAP, phase II  focused on advocacy with national governance stakeholders to promote best practices in health sector management. ADE launched the year 2022 with the organisation of a coalition meeting on March 24th under the theme “Enhancing Health Care Accountability,” during which Civil Society Organizations and the media were brought to present the irregularities observed at the phase 1: Mismanagement of funds ,shortcomings in the health system ( no access to potable water, no alternative sources of electricity, no laboratories, doctors absent from their place of service, poor management of vaccines, no toilet separating men and women etc,), and the Mismanagement of health Services.

In response to the coalition meeting held with CSOs and the media, ADE researched on the OGP in Cameroon and discovered that since it’s participation in the 2018 Regional Seminar of the Francophone Open Government Support Project, Cameroon has undertaken a series of activities to reinforce its eligibility for OGP under the impetus of the National Governance Program (NGP) and the Association; Adisi-Cameroon. According to the stakeholders involved in the advocacy for OGP in Cameroon three years after the launch of the work, the eligibility scores remained unchanged since 2019. After organising the OGP meeting which aimed at advocating for better practices in the health care sector by the government,  ADE carried out a research that revealed the practices and behaviours of Cameroonian citizens in the health sector: 53% of the target population of research has access to modern health services, 92% is in favour of the establishment of a health insurance system, 92% say they use traditional medicine and only 49% regularly use the public health system. Citizens’ perceptions of modern health care were also analysed. This result shows that the population prefers self medication and consume street drugs at the detriment of health facilities (pharmacies, hospitals) which has a considerable impact in the development of the healthcare system in Cameroon.

Consequently, a series of town hall meetings in the targeted localities of Kiiki in Bafia Sub-Division of the centre region, Bertoua 2éme in the  East region, Sabga in the North West region, Mora in the Far North region, Bandevouri in the South region and Soa in the Centre region of Cameroon to advocate for the development of the health care system in Cameroon.

After carrying out research at different levels, ADE presented the health sector accountability report during a coalition meeting organised on January 25th 2023, which brought together stakeholders from government, civil society organisations and the media to present the findings and recommendations for better investment in health care service delivery.

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