The Covid 19 Transparency and Accountability Project, CTAP 1,2&3

CTAP phase 1, 2 & 3 focused on strengthening health sector accountability, primary healthcare service delivery and immunization coverage across 7 regions of Cameroon.

The first phase of CTAP in Cameroon was carried out in 2021 and  documented the state of health facilities and evaluated the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as well as the distribution of vaccines across the national territory to immunize the population.

After taking note of the irregularities during the phase I of CTAP, phase II (2022) focused on advocacy with national governance stakeholders to promote best practices in health sector management. Consequently, CTAP III (2023) focused on spurring conversations on vaccine equity and the performance of the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) in strengthening immunization coverage. It also dwelt on sensitization on the importance of vaccination.

Our target communities for the CTAP project were people from Kikii village in Bafia,  Sabga town, Bertoua 1& 2, Mora, Bandevouri,  Soa, Buea, Bandjoun, Bayangam, Mfou, Bamenda, Kribi etc.

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